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Coping With Panic Disorder


Managing life with panic disorder or agoraphobia can be difficult. But, effective strategies can help you or a loved one cope with the physical and psychological symptoms of panic disorder.
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  2. Living With Panic Disorder
  3. For Family and Friends


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You can try many self-help techniques to reduce panic and help you on your journey to recovery. With practice, these techniques will soon become an easy way to curb your anxiety and help you regain your ability to enjoy many activities that trigger heightened panic symptoms.

Living With Panic Disorder

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Life with panic disorder can be difficult at times and potentially disabling. But, you don’t have to be relegated to the sidelines. You can take certain approaches to minimize the complexities of life with PD.

For Family and Friends

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It may be hard to understand what your friend or loved one with panic disorder is experiencing. But, your support can be invaluable to his recovery.

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