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Panic Disorder October 2009 Archive


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Tips to Manage Stress and Feel Good About You

Sunday October 25, 2009
Is stress causing your heart to pound and your head to ache? It's easy to let stress get the best of us. It gains power when we feel ... Read More

Depersonalization, Derealization and Panic Disorder

Monday October 19, 2009
Forum member, JGRECS, asks, "Does anyone ever feel like they are floating? Tingling in the hands, light sensitivity?" A couple of members responded with descriptions of similar sensations: I too ... Read More

Help for Those Who Are Uninsured or Underinsured

Thursday October 8, 2009
The state of our current economy has caused skyrocketing unemployment. This has left many Americans without health insurance. Even with the option to continue health coverage with a ... Read More

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