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Katharina  Star, Ph.D.

Panic Attacks and Shortness of Breath

By March 20, 2012

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Panic attacks are often characterized by a mix of emotional, mental, and physical symptoms. For example, a person having a panic attack may experience many negative thoughts, fear that they are losing control, or feel a variety of somatic symptoms. Physical or somatic symptoms that are typical to panic attacks include chest pain, trembling, and sweating. Additionally, one of the most common symptoms of panic attacks and other anxiety disorders is shortness of breath.

People with panic disorder often describe shortness of breath as feelings of choking, smothering, or an inability to breathe. This symptom can be terrifying, as a person may feel they are going to pass out or even possibly die. Such thoughts and feelings often heighten one's anxiety.

Despite issues associated with shortness of breath, there are ways to manage this symptom. Read the full article and learn more about how to cope with shortness of breath:

Shortness of Breath-Panic and Hyperventilation

If you have ever experienced a panic attack, you know all too well about the frightening physical symptoms that accompany these attacks. Have you experienced shortness of breath? What do you do to cope with panic attacks?

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