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Panic Disorder March 2012 Archive


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Homebound Out of Fear

Saturday March 31, 2012
Approximately one-third of people diagnosed with panic disorder will develop agoraphobia. An often distressing and potentially disabling condition, agoraphobia involves many fears around one's experience with panic attacks. Typically, a ... Read More

Caretaker Stress

Saturday March 31, 2012
Taking care of a loved one with panic disorder can be both challenging and rewarding. Caretakers are prone to developing feelings of stress and burnout. To avoid becoming bogged down ... Read More

Managing Stress and Anxiety

Saturday March 31, 2012
Stress seems to be a common part of everyday life. Hectic schedules and numerous responsibilities can trigger feelings of stress. High stress levels can often lead to anxiety. Stress has also ... Read More

Chest Pain and Panic Disorder

Saturday March 31, 2012
Do you experience chest with your  panic attacks? Panic attack symptoms can be incredibly frightening. Some of thee symptoms that occur during a panic attack can be so intense that the ... Read More

Depersonalization and Derealization

Saturday March 31, 2012
There are many frightening symptoms that occur with panic disorder. During a panic attack, a person may experience many upsetting physical sensations, such as chest pain, shaking, and shortness of ... Read More

Headaches, Migraines, and Panic Disorder

Thursday March 29, 2012
Do you have headaches following a panic attack? Did you know that some medications for panic disorder may be contributing to your headaches and migraines? Research has found that headaches are a ... Read More

Dealing With Loneliness

Tuesday March 27, 2012
Everyone experiences feelings of loneliness from time to time. However, loneliness can be a common and persistent issue for people with panic disorder. If you struggle with symptoms of panic ... Read More

Panic Attacks and Shortness of Breath

Tuesday March 20, 2012
Panic attacks are often characterized by a mix of emotional, mental, and physical symptoms. For example, a person having a panic attack may experience many negative thoughts, fear that they ... Read More

Developing Your Coping Skills

Sunday March 11, 2012
Panic attacks can be extremely difficult to cope with. Intense and frequent panic attacks can leave you feeling anxious and stressed. However, there are many coping skills and popular relaxation ... Read More

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