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Panic Disorder June 2009 Archive


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Using Alcohol to Relieve Anxiety

Tuesday June 30, 2009
Having a panic attack is not pleasant! But, I have discovered, that if one has an alcohol problem, the withdrawals can cause them. --danieldidonna1 People with anxiety disorders are ... Read More

Novel H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic: Should We Panic?

Monday June 22, 2009
So, here we are just starting the summer season, and we find ourselves in the midst of a flu pandemic. Just the word “pandemic” can make us feel ... Read More

Fearful Avoidance

Monday June 15, 2009
Avoidance of feared situations is a common behavior associated with panic disorder. Avoidant behaviors are “dysfunctional” because they tend to provide only short-term relief from anxiety. They are non-productive ... Read More

Antidepressants Linked to Diabetes?

Monday June 8, 2009
Researchers recently conducted a study to determine the risk of diabetes mellitus associated with antidepressant use. The researchers also assessed whether the risk is influenced by antidepressant treatment ... Read More

PD Pen Pals

Monday June 1, 2009
A member of the panic disorder support forum started a pen pal thread. It’s a great way to connect with others and share information and personal struggles with ... Read More

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