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Panic Disorder June 2008 Archive


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When You Feel What You Eat

Monday June 30, 2008
We all know that eating right helps us feel better. But, can certain things we eat or drink be making us anxious, or worse, contributing to panic attacks? ... Read More

Understanding the Fear in Panic Disorder: For Family and Friends

Friday June 6, 2008
If you have never had recurring panic attacks, it may be hard to understand the difficulties panic disorder causes. Panic attacks can develop into an all-consuming ďfear of the ... Read More

What's Self Esteem Got to Do With It?

Friday June 6, 2008
Self-esteem is used to describe how people feel about themselves and their abilities. Panic disorder can drastically change our self-perception. The fear of panic disorder frequently causes ... Read More

Tips to Manage Stress and Feel Good About You

Friday June 6, 2008
Is stress causing your heart to pound and your head to ache? Itís easy to let stress get the best of us. It gains power when we feel ... Read More

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