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Writing Exercises as Self-Help for Panic Disorder

By August 30, 2012

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Self-help techniques are activities that you can work through on your own as a way to help manage your symptoms of panic disorder, panic attacks, and agoraphobia. Even though these techniques can assist you in coping with your condition, only a qualified professional can diagnose and treat panic disorder. The professionals who treat panic disorder are often the best resource for self-help techniques that can be useful while getting treatment.

Your doctor or therapist may request that you work through some self-help writing activities, including journaling, tracking, and overcoming negative thinking. Listed here are common writing exercises that are used as self-help techniques for panic disorder:

Journal Writing: Writing in a journal allows you to have a safe place to openly express your deepest inner thoughts and emotions. Within the pages of your journal, you are free to write about whatever is on your mind. You may even consider having a theme to your journal. Many people chose to keep a gratitude journal, which can help in refocusing yourself on the more positive aspects of your life.

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Overcome Negative Thinking: People with panic disorder are often susceptible to negative thinking. Writing exercises can be used to help you confront, stop, and replace negative thinking patterns. Disputing your negative thoughts on paper can be a way to fight back against your unpleasant thoughts. While affirmations can be used as a powerful way to replace negative thoughts.

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Tracking: Keeping track of your symptoms, triggers, and other valuable information can help you understand your condition and stay on track towards your recovery. Mood and anxiety charting can assist you in noticing fluctuations in your condition, side effects of medications, and sleep patterns. A panic attack diary is another writing exercise that can help in tracking your condition. With a panic attack diary, you can record the symptoms of your panic attacks and how you coped with them.

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Get a complete overview of writing exercises used as self help for panic disorder: Writing Exercise for Panic Disorder


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