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Economic Panic Attack: Wall Street to Main Street

By October 6, 2008

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Many people with panic disorder know that stress increases anxiety and panic symptoms. Few would say that the current economic climate in the United States has not had some stressful impact on their lives. The economic crisis is being thrust upon us regularly on the nightly news and through topics of conversation with those around us. We hear words like, economic collapse, record foreclosures, meltdown, recession and another Great Depression. We see images of lines at food pantries and people once living the American dream who are now homeless.

For many, the financial turbulence of Wall Street and the rising prices of gas, food and other necessities have been life-changing. We find ourselves in a state of worry about what our personal financial future will hold. If you have panic disorder or another type of anxiety disorder, you may find that you’re feeling a little more anxious these days, even if financial concerns have not directly impacted you.

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